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Why do I get disk error alarm frequently?

That is a clear sign of the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) deterioration if you still get the alert constantly even after repairing the HDD errors and damages according to the instruction provided in the Help message. In that case, you

How to contact technical support

We are sorry that LAlarm support is currently not available. In the meantime, please visit our knowledge base for more tips and troubleshooting information. For other general inquiry, you may still contact us here.

What if I accidentally lockout my account?

Please see:

How to uninstall LAlarm?

The version specific uninstallation instruction is found in the product manual. If you look for a general uninstallation instruction, here is how. For LAlarm version 5.2 or later versions: Select Start > All Programs > LAlarm > Uninstall For LAlarm

Where is the product manual?

The product manual is accessible by pressing ‘Help’ link in the Setup or Options program. In LAlarm version 5.1 or earlier versions, the manual is accessible by click on ‘Help’ button.

How to destroy data?

Enter the name of folders or drive name in the Destruction tab. For step by step instruction, please refer to the product manual. See also: Knowledge Base

How to disable power button?

See the manual.

How to best use LAlarm?

After installing LAlarm laptop alarm software, it will automatically start whenever your computer starts. It will be working behind the scene invisibly in normal situations. LAlarm consist of five alarms: theft alarm, perimeter alarm, inattention alarm, disk alarm and battery

How to change alarm volume level?

The alarm sound (except theft alarm) is subject to the Window speaker volume level. If the volume level is high, the alarm sound will also be high. If the speaker volume is muted, no alarm sound will be emitted. However

How to stop theft alarm when it continues to sound after restarting the computer?

Theft alarm is designed to continues to sound after the alarm goes off until you disarm it. To stop the alarm sound, simply disarm the theft alarm. See also: How do I disarm theft alarm Theft alarm continues to sound

How to stop alarm sound?

To stop the theft alarm sound, disarms the theft alarm, which is just unlocking the computer by entering a password. For other alarms, there will be a pop up window with some options (e.g. Mute button)  to stop the alarm

Why is there no beep sound when pressing Win+L?

If the beep sound is not emitted while pressing Win+L keys, computer may be still starting up. Before pressing Win+L key, wait until a LAlarm icon appears in the notification area (bottom right side of the screen). The LAlarm icon

How to use theft alarm?

First, connect the laptop to a power outlet or plug in a flash drive and then lock the computer by pressing Windows logo key and L key at the same time. If there is no beep sound, the theft alarm is

How to disarm theft alarm?

The theft alarm sound is designed to continue after it is triggered until it is disarmed. If the theft alarm is triggered, there is only one way to disarm it. To disarm, just unlock the computer by entering a correct